Spreading Awesome, one song at a time!!

Hastings Bros.

In The Studio
Hastings Brothers

Our motto.... simply put... "Changing lives through music, one song at a time."

    We are a band of brothers who started out on a journey in late summer of 2011. The ideas were simple. Play music for anyone who crosses our path knowing that everyday there's at least one person out there right now who needs to hear a song.
    Armed with two guitars, two shookas, and a dream... we launched out on an amazing adventure filled with joy, love and a passion fueled for music. Since then we have travelled around Oregon and California. We eventually ended up in Los Angeles, California where we continue to brighten the day with every song we sing and every life we touch.

    We've been called crazy and many people can't really understand why we are doing this... and usually those are the ones who need a song the most.